Företagshälsan Sävsjö refined visual identity

Identity / Web / Graphic design

Företagshälsan Sävsjö AB is owned by its member companies. They provide occupational health care aimed at companies in Sävsjö and the surrounding area. This is a non-profit organization that has been in the area for 40 years, in other words: they have extensive experience and good local knowledge.

The challenge

Företagshälsan Sävsjö had a desire to refine their visual identity. Their current one had a strong recognition and represented the familiar, personal feeling within the company – but at the same time it had some limitations. Företagshälsan Sävsjö wanted to tell the world that they were much more than just an ordinary occupational health care provider. Our assignment was to show that there was a wider range of services to be had, more sections that collaborated within the company. We needed to create a visual identity where each section could be highlighted on its own – but also work together with the others. All without losing the familiar, personal feeling – of course.

Our solution

Our starting point was their payoff, that translates to “with the human at the center”, and their five business areas. By color-coding these areas, and then giving each one a kind of human-like shape, we developed a versatile visual concept. These shapes can be joined together to create a united symbol – or be used on their own to highlight a certain business area. The same goes for the colors. These ideas then permeated the rest of the assignment, for example by re-structuring their website into a base built on their five business areas.

Företagshälsan Sävsjö Website
Företagshälsan Sävsjö Business areas
Företagshälsan Sävsjö Business cards
Företagshälsan Sävsjö Web mobile view
Företagshälsan Sävsjö Logo