Idea & Concept / Strategy / Copywriting / Graphic design / Print 

OBOS is one of Scandinavia’s leading housing developers. They came to us with an exciting assignment: to create a concept for Brf Honungskupan, a housing project out of the ordinary.

The challenge

The mission was to market 53 apartments in several different sizes, located in a whole new neighborhood that has the goal of becoming Sweden’s most sustainable. And with tough competition from other projects in the area. We needed to create a distinct graphic expression, that still felt OBOS, and a clear message to reach a wide target group and sets us apart from the competition. Gladly, we said.

Our solution

Our insight came from the challenge of trying to please a wide audience: we needed to find some common ground. Moving to a new apartment in a housing cooperative is for those who like the easy living, just enough freedom and not too much responsibilities. This gave us our message: where life is for living. If you like living life to the fullest, this is the home for you.

The graphic expression refines OBOS’s existing style. New colors and new illustrations, not least the signature beehive – Brf Honungskupan will have their own beehive in their yard – all add a freshness to the look. As does the new, more inspiring, magazine-like layout. This also gives us a hint that content is indeed king here. Because when living here is a way of life, we need to explain the possibilities this new life holds.

Our mission here includes concept development and copywriting, art direction and graphic design – all made in close collaboration with the marketing team at OBOS. To further assist us, we got some truly great photos from Whymac Creative, fine illustrations from Soja and great printing from our colleagues at Holmbergs.

The feedback from our client was great – not least the luxurious product brochure got loads of attention from the people at OBOS. And now that the sale of Brf Honungskupan has started, we hope the intending buyers will feel the same.

OBOS Brf Honungskupan Magazine Mockup Omslag
OBOS Brf Honungskupan Photo Mockup
OBOS Brf Honungskupan Photo Mockup 2
OBOS Brf Honungskupan Photo Web 5
OBOS Brf Honungskupan Photo Web 1
OBOS Brf Honungskupan Photo Web 2
OBOS Brf Honungskupan Photo Web 3
OBOS Brf Honungskupan Different spreads
OBOS Brf Honungskupan Photo Web 4
OBOS Brf Honungskupan Honungsburk