Covid-19 pandemic Digital Q&A

Video / Graphic design / Project management

With headquarters in The Netherlands, Teva Europe employs over 20,000 people across more than 30 countries in the region; over 76 nationalities comprising a diverse and dynamic workforce. Teva Europe includes R&D, manufacturing and commercial offices. They market a range of specialty medicines, generic medicines, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and OTC products – selling close to 1000 products across EU markets. They are one of Europe’s largest providers of tried-and-trusted quality generic medicines.
The challenge

Teva Sweden needed some rapid assistance with producing an information video: a digital Q&A for health care professionals regarding how to act when treating neurological disease during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two external experts, a PhD neurologist and a PhD virologist, were assigned to hold the presentation. Because of tight deadlines and a slim budget, the script was made by Teva themselves and our job was just about everything else. Planning, site selection, shooting with all it entails (sound, light, etc.), post-production like editing, animation, graphic design – and almost most importantly: making our speakers feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Our solution

We chose a setting where we’ve shot videos before, since we know it works well in terms of sound and lighting. Our goal was to give the video a calm and reassuring tone and so we chose soft colors and contrast. And since the two speakers were not Teva staff, we decided not to use the Teva logo, but to incorporate their green color and typography into the graphics instead. All to avoid the “sponsored by” sensation.

The feedback from both client and speakers says the whole production was handled very professionally, that we really managed to get the speakers to relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera. And, they really liked the finished product. All in all, a great project in close collaboration with our client. That’s just how we like it!

Teva Corona information film 01
Teva Corona Film ending
Teva Corona Film title screen
Teva Camera setup Corona