Local, familiar and professional

Web / Copy / Graphic design

Varbergs Skyltgravyr stand for Swedish handicraft and sustainable production. They design and engrave in various hard materials – supplying most industries in need of sustainable signs and labeling, while being market leaders in the elevator industry.

The challenge

Varbergs Skyltgravyr knew where they’re heading, but their website didn’t quite follow suit. They needed help to make their digital home show what their business looks like today, and for the future. Its content as well as structure and design all needed an update. While sticking to their deep commitment in the elevator business, they wanted to open up for new possibilities within signage and unique design projects. All fitting their key words: local, familiar and professional.

Our solution

Any new building needs a solid foundation – a website is no exception. So, first we set the site map, making it clear and easy to navigate. By separating the different business areas, you can quickly find what you are looking for and then feel free to immerse yourself in the extra material, for example information about VSG and how they like to work. Each page is also equipped with clear CTA’s and contact forms.

 The local connection to their hometown, beautiful Varberg, is a part of VSG’s DNA. To bring this forth, we chose a fine mix of images, where straight product shots meet images conveying emotions. A meeting inspired by VSG themselves; they represent a fine mix of traditional handicraft and modern innovations. Throughout the website, the message is clear: Varbergs Skyltgravyr is not only a first-grade supplier – but also a great partner in developing your projects.

Varbergs Skyltgravyr – Skiss
Varbergs Skyltgravyr – Skylt Hotell
Varbergs Skyltgravyr – Tagline
Varbergs Skyltgravyr – Maskin
Varbergs Skyltgravyr – Metallarbetare
Varbergs Skyltgravyr – Färger
Varbergs Skyltgravyr – iPhone Mockup
Varbergs Skyltgravyr – Index Web