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Paragon Creative Communications Nordics. Sure, it’s a long name. But with that long name comes a long list of benefits for you and your company. Being a part of the global Paragon Group, means we can offer knowledge and services from all corners of the world. From well thought out strategies and splendid social media plans, to creative concepts and perfect prints – no matter the size of your business.

Creative concepts

We love thinking outside the famous box – but we do it with our clients’ best at heart. Campaigns, launches, trade shows – simply everything that needs to be communicated and designed to get your message across.

research, analysis, workshops, idea & concept, communication concept, graphic design, expos & stands

market research, branding & identity, graphic design, presentations

Brand Transformation

How’s your brand doing today? We have extensive experience in building strong, sustainable brands – preferably in close collaboration with our clients. It’s when we really get to know your business that we can really make a difference.

Master Plans

Sure, we could’ve just written strategy – but we feel the strategic work is worth some extra attention. This is something we’re truly passionate about: drawing the smartest map for the road to your goal. Without a thorough, thoughtful strategy, it’s easy to swerve off the road.

planning, research, analysis, workshops, brand strategy, communication strategy, idea & concept, product launches

web design, SEO, support, digital campaigns, social media marketing, video production, motion graphics

Digital Engagement

We help you succeed in your digital presence. We know the tools and keep up with the latest developments – but perhaps most important of all: we are curious when it comes to people and why we behave like we do. And, one more thing: we have a seriously soft spot for social media.


Everything holds a story, and everybody likes a good story. Presented as a single piece in a magazine or online, as a video – or as a company’s whole identity. We love telling stories, in all shapes and sizes.

video production, script, social media marketing, presentations, ads, magazines, speechwriting

press releases, events, seminars, content marketing, digital campaigns

Public Relations

From classic press releases to getting your message across in the digital world. We have a nose for news, and some tricks up our sleeve when it comes to building relations.


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